The Alvarez Chronicles

Welcome to my first Sims Story: The Alvarez Chronicles.  I should point out that this story will deal with matters that some readers may find unsuitable for their own viewing including, but not limited to, swearing, sexual content, alcohol use, and LGBT themes.  This blog is rated PG-13 and viewer discretion is advised.

This story will follow the main character, Sergio Alvarez, as he begins his young adult life in Brindleton Bay as he begins to build a life for himself after graduating university with a degree in physical education.  It is partially SimLit and partially a challenge taking bits of both and, hopefully, blending them together in a story that you the reader will find both entertaining and enjoyable.

I suppose this is a legacy story, thus portions of Pinstar’s amazing and fun Sims Legacy Challenge will be incorporated, but I should advise that succession laws will be the only portion of Pinstar’s original challenge that are incorporated.  To this end I have deemed the following succession laws:

Gender Law: Patriarchy.  The founder must be male.  Only boys are eligible to become the heir unless there are no male children born.

Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional.  The heir must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken line back to the founder.  Adopted children can never be heir.

Heir Law: First Born.  The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

Species Law: Xenophobic.  Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder.

Now this has been established, you will find the chapters index below this post and I hope that you enjoy the ride!

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