1-05: One Thing Before I Go

08-20-18_8-38-46 PM

“So, you’re leavin’ us,” Nina said.

08-20-18_8-37-14 PM

“I don’t want to leave, but I have to,” I said.

08-20-18_8-38-52 PM

“Well, I don’t blame ya, sugar,” Nina said.  “Sounds like a great thing for ya.”

08-20-18_8-37-42 PM

“Just hope I’m making the right decision for the boys.  I don’t want to fail them.”

08-20-18_8-38-51 PM

Nina walked over and hugged me, “Sergio, do you remember what I told ya at the bar?  That you’re gonna be enough for them boys and they’re gonna love you and you’ll be their whole word?  Do you remember that?”


“I do,” I said worried that I was still making a bad decision.


“They’re not gonna care if you raise them in a house or an apartment or a barn, they’re just gonna be happy you’re around.  Plus, I mean, you’re in the big leagues now, sugar. Once them other teams see you out there, who knows? You might be the next Cristiano Messi!”


I chuckled slightly, “Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.  And, I’m not that good.”

08-20-18_8-37-22 PM

“Well, I ain’t into sports, sugar.  But you’ll be the next whoever it is.  And you mark my words. We’re gonna hear about ya on TV and we’re gonna say, ‘we know that guy!’”


I chuckled again.  She had a habit of doing that to me.  I mean, since she started coming over to help with the boys, we’ve kind of had a thing.  And I didn’t want to give that up. In fact….


“This isn’t the best time.  I don’t know if there ever is a good time to ask this question, but…..”

08-20-18_8-36-15 PM

“Nina Caliente, will you marry me?”

08-20-18_8-36-25 PM

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