1-06: A Big, Happy Family

08-21-18_6-35-38 PM

“Uncle Juan!” I said as I hugged my uncle.   “Andrés?! Holy shit, you’re all grown up now!”  I said as I greeted my cousin.

08-21-18_6-35-45 PM

“And I look good, too,” He said.


Man, I haven’t seen my uncle and Andrés since the funeral.  And back then Andres was barely in high school. I feel old all of a sudden.  Like, where’s the time going?


“So, Mr. Football Man,” my uncle said to me, “I saw where you signed with San Myshuno?”

08-21-18_6-36-52 PM

“Yeah, I’ve got to report there in two weeks,” I said thinking about everything I still had left to do.


“It’s very good you’re doing so well, Sergio.  Your father and mother would be so proud of you.” he said.


“So,” Andrés said, “we never knew you were seeing anyone, now you’ve got two kids and you’re getting married?”

08-21-18_6-36-57 PM

“Everything kind of happens quickly around here,” I said.  


“Maybe I’ll find a nice young lady looking for love around here.  Gotta have a date for the wedding, right?” Andrés said with a smile.


“He thinks he’s Romeo,” Uncle Juan said.  “He’s barely got hair on his face and he’s already a cassanova.  He’s never even had a girlfriend.”

08-21-18_6-37-21 PM

“What about Inez?” Andres said.


“That wasn’t dating,” my uncle said.  “That was what we called in my day ‘fooling around.’  You boys are so much alike, Sergio. Always fooling around, never dating.  But, you’re getting married? To this Nina Caliente?”

08-21-18_6-36-15 PM

“Yeah, Uncle Juan” I said with a smile, “she’s at work right now, but when she gets home you’ll meet her.  Here, let me show you to your rooms.”

After showing them to their room, I went to training in San Myshuno.  It was so late once I got home, but the boys… they wanted their daddy and, to tell you the truth, there isn’t anything more that I want to see than them at the end of the day.  I love Nina, but my boys….. I can’t explain it, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

And they were toddlers now…. Diego, my little angel….

08-21-18_11-33-49 PM

…and Antonio, the silly one…

08-21-18_11-35-51 PM

It was pretty late and I decided to put them to bed with a book.  Tomorrow was the wedding and, well, it was gonna be a big, big day for everyone.  They need their sleep.

08-21-18_11-38-38 PM

08-21-18_11-36-49 PM


The Wedding Day arrived and we set up at the ancient ruins.  We thought that was probably a great place.  Of course, I had to get everything brought in so we could actually get married there.

08-22-18_12-03-34 AM

Still, it was worth it.  Everything was perfect.  The weather was warm and sunny and everyone showed up.  Now all that was needed was Nina…

08-22-18_12-02-05 AM

She looked amazing.  I tried to talk her out of her idea of a black dress, but she kept telling me that I, of all people, should know she’s not kidding anyone wearing white.  Of course, it looked great on her.  Diego and Antonio decided they wanted to be up front with daddy, though Antonio saw some birds and was more captivated by them.

The wedding itself was pretty simple.  We didn’t want some big, fancy affair.  Just some friends and family and us, exchanging vows.

08-22-18_12-02-07 AM

… and exchanging rings…

08-22-18_12-02-38 AM

..and finally, making it official…

08-22-18_12-02-49 AM

Though, after the official kiss, I decided to show Nina a bit more of how I felt…

08-22-18_12-09-34 AM

Then we cut the cake…

08-22-18_12-05-57 AM

…and learned Antonio doesn’t care about cake, but Diego…..

08-22-18_12-07-43 AM

…I’ve never seen his eyes so wide open before!  Haha, qué lindo eres, mijo.”

Uncle Juan took me aside..

08-22-18_12-07-54 AM

“Sergio, I want you to know that I am very happy for you and I wish you the same kind of love your parents had and that I had with my Teresa.  You looked so much like your father standing up there.  It reminded me of when he and Maria got married.  Anyway, I am very proud of you.” he said.

“Thanks, Uncle Juan,” I said feeling proud, “I only wish Mama and Papa could have been here to see this.”

“I believe they are in heaven smiling down on you and your family,” Juan said nodding.

Then he simply walked away acting like he was fighting allergies, but he wasn’t an actor.  Anyway,  I went to go find Katrina, but I got sidetracked by Andrés.

“Congratulations, cuz!” he said giving me a big hug.  I never did find Katrina.  Or Don.  Even Dina seemed to be missing right after the food was served….. strange.

08-22-18_12-11-50 AM

Nina and I decided there wasn’t going to be a honeymoon just yet.  We were going to wait until after we all got to San Myshuno and settled down.  That and I think Nina was a bit overwhelmed with all of the planning and speed at which things took place.

But there was one thing she was entirely ready for…

08-21-18_11-50-38 PM

…and she was very ready for it…

08-21-18_11-48-26 PM

…. and then…

08-21-18_11-49-59 PM

.. it looks like we’re about to hear the pitter-patter of little Alvarez feet again….

9 thoughts on “1-06: A Big, Happy Family

    • I can’t say too much, but they do get a sibling. I’ve been playing for a few hours and have enough for another chapter already. Will probably have it posted tomorrow. There’s a lot of things to cover in this next chapter.

      I also like to let my sims kind of live. I don’t craft each and every single scene. Many time I just tell them to do things and try to work with what they give me. I don’t know if I like it better than full micromanaging, but it does, sometimes, lead to interesting things.


      • I hear you. When I read a couple ISBI stories, I had to give it a go. And I love it. If you get a chance, read my Jungle Ruin SimLit. Season one is done and into Season two. But I let the sims be themselves and write from that. It’s more fun when you throw 8 strangers into a jungle (my story is based on the Jungle Adventures pack). 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve a lot of ideas for writing, but I couldn’t write them all because I have to do things like eat, sleep, and work 😛 But, I am discontinuing the Rosebud Challenge blog. I’ll just keep EQ posted on the boards with progress. I do have The Thornton’s ready to go. Bugsie is building me a palace and once it is done, I will be posting that story, too! And I might have one more idea up my sleeve, but I will wait for that one. One Legacy, one Family Trauma…. and a mystery idea.

        I will check out your Jungle Ruin Sim Lit. I’m already interested in it just on premise alone. That should be very interesting to read.


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