1-08: The Best Laid Plans

Settling into the new place, my career was taking off.  San Myshuno FC was doing quite well led by none other than yours truly.

08-25-18_9-59-30 AM

Having gotten my head back into the game, I was becoming the star player I knew I could.  Brindleton Bay Llamacorns was a great team, don’t get me wrong, but there was never the kind of opportunity offered there that there is in San Myshuno.  But my career wasn’t the most important thing in my life.

08-25-18_11-03-45 AM

They were.  Ana had aged up into a fine, charming toddler and became my little girl faster than I ever thought possible.

08-25-18_9-48-44 AM

I already see myself being that dad who is waiting outside for her first boyfriends with a bottle of whiskey at my side and a shotgun on my lap making sure he knows full well to keep his hands off her.  Boys are going to love her red hair.


Nina was ready to burst with the next kid, but this little one wasn’t ready to come out just yet.  I fear it’ll be 3 when it’s finally ready to come into the world.

Diego, Antonio, and Ana were enjoying their childhood.


I love the fact they’re playing with the toys I bought them.  I don’t care that my son plays with dolls at the tree house.

08-25-18_9-46-44 AM

I don’t care what he does as long as he’s happy.  I know what being happy can do to a person.  I have that happiness in my life because I know what I am: a husband to a wonderful woman, a star on the team, and, most of all, father to these three amazing kids.  They are my life’s meaning.

08-25-18_11-05-21 AM

On my days off, I loved sitting down in Diego and Antonio’s room and bringing the family together for story time.

The boys and Ana absolutely loved it.  Oh man, they totally just chatter away with their own little stories once I’m done.  Man, when I hear them laugh I just… melt.

Then the next little one was ready to come into the world.

As always, Nina was a trooper.

08-25-18_11-13-46 AM

And I was my calm, supportive self.

08-25-18_11-14-04 AM

Now, it gives me amazing pleasure to introduce you all to my newest child: Alejandro Miguel Alvarez Caliente!  It’s another boy!

08-25-18_11-17-34 AM

Nina sat me down shortly after Alejandro was born.

08-25-18_10-54-15 AM

“I don’t want to spend my whole adult life pregnant, Sergio.  I love you and I love being a mother, but, golldang it, I’m not just a baby machine.”

08-25-18_10-54-18 AM

“I need to be able to relax once in a while, do some things.  I got three toddlers runnin’ around here and now there’s Alejo always cryin’.  We need to do something about your sniper-like aim, sugar.”

“Nina, I get it.  You want to enjoy life while we’re still young.  I understand.  I can go to the doctor’s office and schedule an appointment for a vasectomy or I can use condoms.”  I didn’t want to do either.  Still, it was her body carrying and popping out these kids, I guess she should have say over whether or not she has any more.

08-25-18_10-54-17 AM

“Now don’t get your panties all in a wad, Sergio.  No need to be replacing live ammo with blanks.  It isn’t that I don’t want more kids, but I just want there to be a break.  I’d swear you were just tryin’ to keep me barefoot and pregnant.”

“No, not at all.  There’s just something about seeing you carrying my children that gets me so excited.  And I guess, maybe, I never stopped to consider that you might want–or need–time to relax and breath.  So, I’m willing to do what you want.  I love you and I always will.  Whatever you want, I will do.”

08-25-18_10-54-24 AM

“To the moon and back, Nina.  Always and forever.”

So I went down to the corner store and got some condoms.  Then we put them to the test.

Nina wasn’t pregnant for the first time in a while, so we finally got back to a normal–or as close as you can get–life in the City.

08-25-18_9-57-12 AM

Nina started playing video games after the kids went down for their afternoon naps…

…I went back to training more at home…

08-25-18_10-33-30 AM

…and Nina even took some time for wellness training to keep her hot-headed temper to a simmer..

08-25-18_10-30-35 AM

..and when Ana broke her doll house out of anger… Nina put it right back together…

08-25-18_10-41-00 AM


08-25-18_12-43-24 PM-2

…one of the prisoners escaped their jail cell and made a new home in the promised land.

08-25-18_12-43-40 PM

“Sergio,” she said excited as she came back from the bathroom, “I don’t know how the fuck you did that, but even with the condom, I’m knocked up again.”

“Jesus Christ!  I was so careful!” I said.

08-25-18_12-43-37 PM

“Yeah, well, I’m gonna stop calling you Sergio and start calling you Bullseye because you sure know how to hit the target.”

“Look,” I said excited to hear I was gonna have another kid, but fearful Nina would hate me for it, “if you want to, you know, go to the doctor and not have this kid I’ll be there for you.”

“Did you just fall out of a turnip truck and hit your head?  I’m not like that, Sergio.  Just, after this, you’re getting castrated.”

9 thoughts on “1-08: The Best Laid Plans

    • Heh, that wasn’t the reason I screenshotted that scene. The were supposed to talk about something else, but when it went like that, I almost said, “Sounds like Sergio’s being told to stop getting her pregnant.” This is why I love just letting my sims do their thing.


    • Well, the “legacy” rules I have set on page 1 of this website state that the first born male is the heir. We just have a problem with that… and a breadcrumb no one has mentioned yet about the future… Sergio wasn’t there when Diego and Antonio were born and he doesn’t know which was born first. Shhh! Don’t tell everyone 😛

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