1-10: The Return

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: I was having issues with The Sims 4 and wasn’t able to get the screenshots for this.  Once my issues resolve, I will update with the pictures*

The family gathered around the television watching the game.  With the team away at Los Angeles, they couldn’t all go. Not that they didn’t want to, but having three toddlers and two children who needed to be in school, it wasn’t something that could be done easily.  Nina never missed a game and, as Diego and Antonio aged, neither did they. Ana, Alejandro, and Enrique, however, would just watch to see their daddy, but didn’t always care about the game itself.

“Alright, kids, Daddy’s gonna take a penalty kick,” Nina said.

“What’s a penalty kick?” Asked Ana.

“Well, when a guy on the other team does something against the rules inside those white lines, Daddy’s team gets to take a special kick on the goal.” Nina said.

“What did the other guy do,” Ana asked.

“Well, he tripped that guy on Daddy’s team,” Nina said.

“That’s not fair,” Ana said.

“That’s why Daddy’s team gets a free shot,” Nina said.

“Alvarez, waits for the signal.  The whistle blows, he steps up and…. GOAL!  The Spanish Archer strikes again!” the presenter said.

“Look at that strike on goal.  There was no doubt in Sergio Alvarez’s mind where he was going to put that shot.  The keeper just guessed wrong,” the co-presenter said.

While the presenters continued to dissect the penalty kick, Nina and the the kids cheered for Sergio’s goal.  

“Did Daddy’s team win?” asked Ana.

“Not yet, but they’re winning, the game still has 15 more minutes,” Nina said.

It was at that moment that Nina’s cell phone rang.  She reached into her pocket and looked at the screen.  She didn’t recognize the number, but figured that it was probably the repairman for the building coming to fix the broken dishwasher.

“Hello?” Nina said.

There was silence on the other end for a moment.

“Are ya there?  Hello?” Nina said.

“H…hi,” the female voice said on the other end in an uncertain tone.  “Is.. this Nina Alvarez?”

“Depends on who’s callin, hun,” Nina said.  “I ain’t got not credit cards to transfer, I’m happy with the television and cell phone, and I really don’t need any mortgage offers, so if you’re selllin’ something, then goodbye.”

“I’m Becky Radnor,” the female voice said.

Nina got up and walked into the bathroom, “How’d you get this number?”

“Well, I… uh…” Becky said before Nina cut her off.

“Doesn’t matter.  You gotta lotta nerve calling this house after what you done to those boys,” Nina said angrily.


“So what the hell you want?” Nina said.

Becky didn’t respond as she waiting to see if Nina had anything else to say.  When she figured the coast was clear, she started, “I was in town and I was…. Uh… wondering if maybe I could see the boys.”

“No,” Nina said.  “You don’t get to drop them off on a front porch with a goodbye note and then come back and waltz into their lives.  And, Sergio would prolly explode if he knew you called here. You best keep away from this family and those boys.”

“I’m their mother…” Becky said.

“Mother?  You’re a mother alright.  You ain’t nothing to those boys,” Nina said.

“Maybe they should be the judge of that,” Becky said.

Nina cleared her throat, “Let me tell you this in plain English.  You ain’t comin’ anywhere near those boys, you hear me? IF you come around here, you’re gonna have to deal with me and I’m one feisty bitch, so you better keep your distance if you know what’s good for ya.”  With that Nina ended the call and returned to the living room.

“Who was that,” Diego asked.

“Just someone tryin’ to cause trouble, Diego.  Never you mind about it,” Nina said.

The next day as Nina was busy feeding the toddlers and Diego and Antonio were getting ready for school, a knock came at the door.  She walked over and opened it. Standing before her was none other than Becky Radnor.

“Nina?” Becky asked.

Nina has no idea who she was looking at, but the voice gave it away, “You must be Becky.  You must also be dumb as a brick because I told you to stay away from this house boys.”

“Excuse me, I am not here for them.  I came to talk to Sergio.” Becky said.

“He’s in Los Angeles.  He won’t be back for a few days.  Tell me what you wanna tell him and, if you’re lucky, I’ll tell him.” Nina said.  

Becky nervously stood in the little foyer between the elevator and the penthouse’s front door.  Then she sighed and looked back at Nina. “Look, I’d rather tell him myself, but, tell him… tell him I’m dying.  I have cancer. And tell him….tell him I’m sorry for everything.” Becky then turned quickly to run out the door, but elevator’s aren’t good for such dramatic exits.

Nina, for her part, melted from angry to neutral as Becky turned.  “Cancer?” Nina nodded her head a few times. “How long you gonna be in town?”

“A week, tops,” Becky said.

“I guess when Sergio gets back from LA, I’ll tell him.  If he wants to see you, he will. If he wants you to see the boys, he will.  I can’t guarantee it, though. To this day we don’t talk about it cause he gets so upset by it all.  I am sorry to hear about your health, though. Don’t no one deserve that.” Nina said.

“Thank you,” Becky said as the elevator door opened, “you can call me at that number I called from.”

7 thoughts on “1-10: The Return

    • Certainly could become quite an interesting conversation between Becky and Sergio. Will Sergio let her see the kids she left on his doorstep? Will Sergio ever forgive her for doing that? Will Nina get jealous or hurt if Sergio lets Becky see the kids? And what of Diego and Antonio? The only mother they’ve ever known in Nina? Will Sergio tell the twins who Becky is? All this and more on the next Alvarez Chronicles 😛


  1. Poor Becky. Sadly, it might be a little too late. Thinking tho that the twins should see their biological mother. They are old enough now to possibly understand.

    Liked by 1 person

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