1-12: Life Goes On

The news hit Sergio hard.  On Harvestfest morning, no less.  The call came in while he was sleeping.  Sergio’s only problem was he didn’t want to tell Diego and Antonio how she died.  He didn’t even want to tell them that she died.  Not yet.  Not until after the holiday.  There was no reason to ruin their holiday.

08-30-18_9-10-29 PM

“You know,” Sergio said with a sniffle, “I should be angry.  I should be angry as hell.  Who does that?  You don’t give up!  You fight the battle!  Yes, there’s no guarantee you can win, but you fight the fight!”

“Not everyone is like that,” Nina comforted.  “I mean, I don’t know her that well, but from what you tell me this sounds like how she is.  It’s the easy way out.  Now she’s got two babies that don’t have a mother because she was selfish.”

Sergio looked up, “What do you mean?  They have a mother.  They have you.  You’ve been a mother to them since day one, Nina.”  Then he sighed, “But I don’t know how to tell them.”

“Then don’t,” Nina said.  “At least not yet.  They know she’s their mother, but they don’t really know her.  Maybe it won’t be as bad for them.”

From his seat on the sofa he could hear Diego and Antonio laughing at something or other.  Sergio cleared his throat and dried his eyes.  Then he stood up and gave Nina a big hug.

“I’m so lucky to have a lady like you in my life,” Sergio said.

“I know you are,” Nina said.  “And you ain’t so bad yourself.”

08-30-18_9-13-14 PM

Then he changed and decided to deal with his grief by working out.  That’s how Sergio dealt with strong, negative emotions: he worked out.

08-31-18_10-41-52 AM

After an hour of working out, Sergio rummaged through the decoration bins, but there wasn’t much he could put up to give the place that Harvestfest feel.  So he put up a cornucopia, right in the middle of the dining room table and a giant rooster on the kitchen counter.

08-31-18_9-11-54 AM

“I have a nice cock,” Sergio said.

08-31-18_9-15-50 AM

Nina looked at it for a moment, “I’ve seen bigger, sugar.  But, it is very nice.”

08-31-18_9-16-04 AM

The sound of toddlers babbling and the pitter-patter of feet scurrying across the wooden floors meant that the whole house was finally awake.  Instead of dealing with a big dinner, the tradition in the Alvarez household was to have a grand breakfast.  This was in part because Nina often took the kids to her mother’s for the evening Harvest meal and because Sergio didn’t eat big after 3pm.  So, he waltzed into the kitchen and started to cook up a storm.

08-30-18_9-42-15 PM

The family togetherness lasted about as long as it took the kids to snag a serving with the twins sitting with Sergio and Nina at the dinner table..

08-30-18_9-45-19 PM

..and the toddlers setting up shop in the living room to watch kids shows.

08-30-18_9-43-53 PM

With breakfast over, Antonio started to clean up the dishes…

08-30-18_9-46-41 PM

And the toddlers decided it was play time…

08-31-18_9-14-00 AM

08-31-18_9-14-13 AM

But it wouldn’t be the Alvarez household if there wasn’t a child and a birthday.  And such was this case with Ana, who finally aged up!

08-31-18_9-48-49 AM

“Daddy’s princess is a young lady now,” Sergio said with a smile.

08-31-18_10-05-29 AM

Later that evening….

“You know, Sergio, the kids are getting older.  Pretty soon Alejandro and Enrique will be older.  And we’ve got more time for each other these days.” Nina said.

08-31-18_9-13-23 AM.png

It didn’t take Sergio long to realize what kind of time she meant.

08-31-18_9-31-01 AM.png

“I should’ve castrated him when I had the chance,” Nina said the next morning as she looked at the results..

08-31-18_9-32-39 AM.png


9 thoughts on “1-12: Life Goes On

    • I can hear Elton John singing right now… “The circle of life. It’s the wheel of fortune….” I’m just happy people are reading. The fact some are thinking on it and commenting is amazing to me. The fact that some people get something out of it is the biggest compliment I could ever receive!


  1. Oh man….lol! Good thing neither of the twins were there to hear that rooster comment. Imagine if they repeated that in school?! 😀

    Here comes another nooboo!

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