1-17: The Status Quo

The Alvarez residence was always brimming with activity.  With 6 children, it wasn’t hard to understand that someone was always doing something.  Though, as Clara began to approach her birthday, she also began to do things on her own.  

09-03-18_10-46-28 PM.png

Sergio and Nina still did as much as they could for her, but she began asserting her independence.

09-03-18_10-40-19 PM.png

Even Antonio helped Carla when feeding time came.  The Twins were like that, though Antonio seemed to be the one helping out.

09-03-18_10-49-11 PM

Nina busied herself playing with the kids.  

09-03-18_10-45-32 PM.png

Clara wanted to play video games when Nina was, but she hadn’t quite mastered how to actually use the controllers.

09-03-18_11-02-11 PM.png

The issue for Nina was that having four kids killed her figure.  She was never skinny, but she had a much better body when she first met Sergio.  So, she began to work out.

09-08-18_2-20-48 PM.png

Sergio even started to work out with her.

09-08-18_2-13-30 PM.png

And he ever helped with mentoring her.

09-08-18_4-58-18 PM.png

With Love Day hitting, Sergio and Nina finally found some time to be alone.

09-08-18_5-03-38 PM.png

And then Clara had her birthday.  

09-08-18_2-29-46 PM.png

Antonio baked the cake.  

09-08-18_2-58-24 AM.png

He was becoming a go-to on weekends for cooking.  In fact, he even wanted to be a master chef and was always inspired to cook often letting the family relax while he did so.

09-08-18_4-51-31 PM.png

It was beginning to feel that life was moving along in the Alvarez house.  Sergio was nearing his final game, Clara was old enough to go to school, and Nina was about to find herself alone with Sergio while the kids were going to school.

And while they were always spending quality time together, with the kids gone…

09-08-18_5-25-33 PM.png

..that time seemed to be used for more adult activities.

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