Some things you should know about this blog…

1: This blog is a SimLit blog with characters I have created through The Sims 4.  While the characters and stories are mine, the actual game belongs to Electronic Arts.  So, yeah.

2: This blog uses profanity sparingly, but it is there.

3: You can follow my blog.  Please don’t follow me just because you want me to follow you back unless you’re a SimLit writer or Sims 4 blogger.  This isn’t Instagram or Snap Chat.  I only follow Sims 4 players blogs.

4: Whatever your positions on anything, I don’t really care to debate them in the comments section of this blog.  I will delete anyone trying to turn any part of my stories into political discourse or, worse, arguments.  It’s a silly story set in a life simulation game.  No one cares about your political beliefs, they just wanna read the story.  And, really, I don’t want to argue politics.  I just want to write a story.

5: Yes, this story is loosely based on Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge, but that’s just a scaffold for the story.  I figured to write a bold story spanning 10 generations using the extreme basics of the challenge to give it a very simple, basic set of rules.  There’s a lot of in-game cheating that’s used to keep the story images roughly in line with what I am writing.  I also use it, sometimes, while setting up shots, so don’t expect this to be a “true” legacy.

6: The main goal is for you to read this, enjoy this, and to have fun.