Full Name: Sergio Teodoro Alvarez Moreno
Traits: Athletic, Romantic, Book Lover
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Bonus Trait: Business Savvy
Occupation: Striker/Forward for San Myshuno FC
Spouse/Partner: None currently, former partner/mother of his children: Becky Radnor (off screen character)
Children: Diego Alvarez, Antonio Alvarez

A Brief History

Sergio is the only child of Maria and Hector Alvarez, immigrants who moved to SimCity for a better life.  Sergio was born in SimCity and quickly displayed a talent for managing money and athletic pursuits.  He attended college on an athletic scholarship and attained a Masters of Business Administration from Sim University.  He moved to Brindleton Bay to start his own life and to follow his dreams.  His goal was to become rich and to bring his parents to Brindleton Bay to live the life they had always dreamed for themselves.  Fate, however, had other plans.

Having rekindled a romance with his high school sweetheart, Becky Radnor, he wound up quickly becoming a father of twins who were left on his doorstep by Becky when she opted to move to New York to (once more) pursue her dreams.  Now he juggles the demands of fatherhood and professional sports with the help of friend-with-benefits Nina Caliente.

Perhaps the one true mystery in Sergio’s life is which one of his kids was born first.  He wasn’t there when they were born and the only one who knows has seemingly dropped off the face of the planet.

 Diego Alvarez


Full Name: Diego Martín Alvarez Radnor

Antonio Alvarez

Full Name: Antonio Gael Alvarez Radnor

Ana Alvarez

Full Name: Ana Maria Alvarez Caliente

Alejandro Alvarez

Full Name: Alejandro Miguel Alvarez Caliente

Baby Alvarez

Full Name: Not born yet… still waiting to find out the sex.